Consumer Financial Services Class Actions

Consumer Financial Services Class Actions

Class action lawsuits address major and widespread wrongdoing. Our firm is recognized when it comes to filing successful class actions against consumer financial services businesses who violate the law, including mortgage servicing companies, collection agencies, and others. Our team has successfully resolved class actions on a regional and national scale, and we’re always up to the challenge.

Corporations in Chapter 11

Filing a class action against a business that’s protected under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a complex and arduous process, and few firms take on these cases. We’re the exception. At Kellett & Bartholow PLLC, we draw from our extensive experience representing clients and litigating cases in federal and bankruptcy court to represent consumer plaintiffs in class action cases against companies that try to use Chapter 11 bankruptcy to escape responsibility for their wrongdoing. From mortgage servicers to debt collectors to short-term, high-interest consumer lenders and reporting agencies, our firm tackles the most complex cases, helping our clients uphold their rights and get the outcome and compensation they deserve.

Do you have a class action?

Understanding what constitutes a class action – and what doesn’t – isn’t a simple task. If you think you may have a class action case against a mortgage servicing company, debt collection agency, credit bureau, or other consumer financial concern, the first step is meeting with an experienced attorney for a case review. Kellett & Bartholow PLLC can help. Contact our office today to schedule your confidential consultation.