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I'm Karen Kellett. While I still consider myself a bankruptcy attorney at heart, my practice for the last 20+ years has been focused primarily on consumer litigation, including individual and class action cases in bankruptcy court, federal district court, and state court. I'm passionate about vindicating our clients' rights in court! Hi, I'm Thad Bartholow.  At AKB, we understand that every client's situation is unique. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to financial problems. Our job is to help you choose the best strategy, whether it's suing creditors when they violate your rights, filing bankruptcy, or something else entirely.

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You don't have to take it anymore! We sue debt collectors and credit bureaus when they violate your rights.

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We'll advise you about all your options, including bankruptcy, debt settlement, and other strategies.

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Let us help you with foreclosure defense, accounting and servicing disputes, and document fraud issues.

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About Kellett & Bartholow PLLC,

Whether it’s too much debt, trouble with your mortgage or credit cards, wrong information on your credit report, or you are being harassed by debt collectors — whatever your debt or credit problem, you have found the Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys who can answer your questions and help get you back on the right track.

Kellett & Bartholow PLLC, seeks to be the premier law firm in Dallas-Fort Worth area for consumer credit issues. We want to be your go to attorneys for bankruptcy, debt settlement, credit report problems, disputes with your mortgage company, stopping debt collection harassment, and other consumer credit disputes.

“I think our clients appreciate the fact that we’re not trying to be all things to all people. That’s why we practice exclusively in the areas of consumer and bankruptcy law.”

We pride ourselves on the personal attention we devote to each client’s concerns. Your initial consultation with the firm will be with an attorney, usually at no charge. You will have one or two Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys in charge of your case, and a whole legal team available to assist. Call us. We are here for you.

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Too much debt? Trying to save your home or your car or truck? How do you decide if bankruptcy will help? Are you eligible to file? What does it cost? How long does it take? What do I have to do? Our Dallas bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience answering these questions, and many more.

We know that you did not start out looking forward to the day that you would be forced in to filing bankruptcy. No one plans for a lay off, illness, divorce, or the other usual causes of financial distress.

You want help, not a handout or a free pass. At our initial consultation, we will give you a complete financial check up and help you begin to plan your way back to financial prosperity.

Bankruptcy may be the right next step. Or, perhaps there are other choices. Let’s talk it over. Call us now for a free consultation with a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer.

Mortgage & Foreclosure

Have you been trying for months, even years, to get a modification of your mortgage? Have you been paying on time but the mortgage company says you are late? Are you trying to stop foreclosure of your home?

Our Dallas mortgage lawyers have been fighting these issues with mortgage companies since before the current mortgage foreclosure crisis. We have experience in mortgage servicing issues, RESPA, escrow problems, truth-in-lending act violations, fair credit violations, credit discrimination, and foreclosure defense.

The law in this area is very specific and technical. There are many reported scams for foreclosure rescue, eviction rescue, mortgage modification, forensic mortgage audits, forensic securitization audits, etc. You have to be very careful. Before you waste your money on such services, contact us.

The firm is very selective about mortgage cases that we take on. We strongly encourage you to submit our free case evaluation form. Our reply will provide you with information and let you know whether we think we can provide you any legal assistance.

Credit Card Lawsuits

You’ve been served with a lawsuit over an old credit card or other debt. Now what? The Dallas credit card attorneys at Kellett & Bartholow know how to help.

We can help you evaluate the best options for your situation. Perhaps you can get the lawsuit dismissed? Maybe you have claims for violations of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act that can be used to offset the debt. Maybe you have so much debt that you should be considering a bigger solution, like bankruptcy.

We have helped many, many consumers resolve credit card lawsuits and we would like to see if we can help you, too. Submit your case for a free case evaluation, or call us now for an appointment for a free consultation.

Credit Repair

Your credit is messed up because you have not paid your bills? Looking for someone to help you fix your credit? If so, you are in the wrong place. Our firm cannot assist you with removing accurate information from your credit report. No one else can legally promise to do that for you, either. If you read the fine print on all the credit repair websites, you will find that they all carefully say that they cannot remove accurate, negative information on your credit report. Do not get taken in to the scam or the salesperson’s promise that your bankruptcy can be removed from your report.

That said, there are legitimate ways to improve your credit and your credit score. Read more here. Our credit attorneys file lawsuits against credit reporting agencies, creditors, and debt collectors for reporting false or outdated information on your credit report and refusing to remove it after a proper dispute. Learn more about your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Think you may have a case? Submit your case for a free case evaluation.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually used by people trying to discharge too much credit card, medical, or other unsecured debt. In 4 to 6 months, an eligible bankruptcy filer can discharge most debts, keep his or her home and car if wanted (and if able to pay for them), and obtain a fresh start.

Chapter 7 is not suitable for those behind on their house or car payments and wanting an opportunity to get caught up through bankruptcy. Chapter 13, though, can help people save their home and car, if the person is eligible to file.

An experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney, like the attorneys at Kellett & Bartholow PLLC, can help you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a three to five year repayment and reorganization plan for your debt. Under this plan, you learn to budget for housing, utilities, food, and other costs of living, while any disposable income you have beyond the basic necessities are paid to a Chapter 13 Trustee during the repayment period. When you complete all the requirements of the bankruptcy law, and pay in your required amount, any remaining unpaid debt is discharged in most circumstances (of course, there are exceptions for certain kinds of debts, like child support).

Chapter 13 is also allows you to catch up on past due house payments, taxes, child support, and car payments. And, you keep all of your property as long as you are making the payments, without threats of repossession or foreclosure every month. So, many people file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop foreclosure, stop repossession, stop garnishments, and generally to stop creditors from trying to collect on the debt.

If you are suffering from debt problems, facing foreclosure or repossession, contact the Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys at Kellett & Bartholow PLLC. for a free consultation regarding your debt issues. We will help you evaluate your financial situation, we will make recommendations and give you advice and counsel about available options, and help you get your financial life back in order. Call us now.